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Compatible working styles

When you collaborate with someone, you need to make sure that your working style and theirs are compatible. Clashes in style can lead to a lot of headaches.

For example, some people are the kinds who take their time to respond to messages and will do so as and when they like. Others like to respond immediately. That's a clash of styles.

Some like to discuss matters in person and prefer long meetings. Others prefer to chat via electronic means and like to keep the sessions short. Again, big clash in style.

Some like to stick the game plan and not get sidetracked, even by good ideas. Others view the project as a work-in-progress in every respect. That means anything can change and should change, if it's for the better. Yet another example of clashes in style.

We can change the way others work. And it may not make much sense for us to change our way of working to match others'. So the best is to assess and vet your prospective collaborators or partners-in-crime and make sure the working style does not clash. Otherwise get a bottle of Panadol ready.

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