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Tutorial VI: Story Types

Now that you have all the tools to write your feature story, you need to decide what kind of story you're going to write.

It's important to understand from the get-go what form your story's going to take.

There are five basic approaches to feature writing. For almost any topic you can adopt any of the five and come up with a good story.

Each writer will have their own favorite approach but it's important to be versatile enough to tackle all five. (My personal favorite is the Explanatory Piece).

Below are the five different approaches you can take for a topic like the harmful effects of smoking:

Profile: People who have suffered diseases as a result of smoking

Explanatory pieces: How smoking leads to diseases

Issues and Trends: The rise of smoking among women in urban areas

Investigative: How cigarette companies use innovative marketing to target teens

Narrative: The story of the first person to successfully sue a cigarette company for causing him to develop cancer.

Remember, it’s important to be clear about the type of feature story you want to write. Don’t jumble the different styles together.

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