Why content marketing needs journalists

This is why Brian Corrigan, content director at Spectrum Group Read, says journalists are critical to content marketing:


A trained journalist approaches every piece of content they produce with an audience-focused mindset—what’s in it for the reader, listener or viewer? They’ll ask the awkward ‘so what?’ questions when other members of the team drift into product messaging. People are at the heart of every good story, and a journalist will pounce on opportunities to bring them into your content. When you only have half an hour to extract maximum information from a client or a senior executive, they’ll skip the corporate fluff and quickly get to the questions that matter. They’re also skilled at keeping a story alive by coming up with relevant new angles.


Content Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

If you want to know more about content marketing and why it's the hottest approach to marketing and branding today, this is the article to read.

Now, if I had a restaurant, these are content marketing initiatives I would do:

1. Start a blog (which resides on the website).

2. Share mouth-watering photos via social media.

3. Engage with customers via social media.

4. Share a functional menu online (and partner with a food delivery service)

5. Show what happens "behind the scenes” in the kitchen.

6. Feature staff members and highlight interesting things about them and what they do.

7. Send out e-mail alerts about new content updates.

8. Use Twitter to announce time-sensitive special offers.

9. Post updated coupons on your website.

10. Offer recipes for free download via small e-books.

11. Maintain a YouTube channel with short instructional clips.

12. Have a food blogger outreach program.

They say that talk is cheap. Ideas aren't worth much either unless they are accompanied by excellent execution. The above ideas would be fantastic for restaurants if they can do them right. It would really make them stand out above the crowd.